Project Description

Full HD resolution
Expret voice over
Licensed music
3 revisions
Completed within 10 days
Plus an animated logo intro
To pay for your animation order, we request a deposit of 30%, when the first draft is completed 30%, and to receive the final product 40%.
$250 per 30 seconds of animation
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Next Steps...

1. Once you've placed your order, send us any details relevant to your project to
2. Include any files, descriptions, instructions, and notes.
3. Someone from our team will be in touch with you right away!


  • Animation engages
    If you want to grab attention and create content that engages, the first option you should think of is animation. It gives you amazing possibilities like saying what you want and how you want it. The online users are taking very positively the idea of watching, liking and sharing entertaining animated videos that are also very useful.
  • It will cost you less
    You will both save time and money. Most people believe that animation is more expensive than it actually is. For example, a real life commercial requires a big crew, a lot of time and money. The cost of animation against real life filming may surprise you. The return on investment could be invaluable long term.
  • You are creating a recognizable face of your brand
    By using animation characters as your brand’s ambassador you will create a timeless recognizable face that people will link to your products and business. You will also leave a memorable impression to your current and future customers.
  • Animation is more effective
    According to recent research of Crisp Media, animated videos are 4.5 times more effective than the traditional ads. When the ad is posted to your website or social channel, it has the potential to literally attract customers 24/7. You can also propel your brand to a whole new level by using only one character who communicate quickly and concisely with your costumers.

  • You can stand out from the crowd and go viral
    Many videos have gone viral and the popularity is something that can keep increasing. You will also definitely stand out from the crowd and be remembered. Animated videos can be shared and posted to social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter as well.